Ways to take a Hunter Education class (2024)

Hunter education for adults

Oregon doesn’t require hunter education for hunters 18 and older, although the adult online hunter education course may be required to participate in an ODFW hunting event or workshop, you will be notified if so. In addition, several nearby states do require proof of completion. If you see an out-of-state hunt in your future, you’ll need your hunter education certificate.

  • Adults ages 18 and over can take hunter education online.
  • Field day is not required.
  • Select an online course below. After completing the course you’ll receive a valid temporary certificate with a valid Hunter Education certificate number. You’ll get a permanent card in the mail within 60 days of completion.

Hunter education for youth

ODFW offers courses in a choice of two formats aimed at different learning styles.

  • Conventional classroom setting includes 14-16 hours of classroom instruction by a certified ODFW Volunteer Instructor. This option will include a field day with a live fire exercise and hands on evaluation of safe firearms handling. The course cost (including the field day) is $10 per student.
  • Online through one of five ODFW approved courses. Each course takes about six hours and the cost varies depending on the course provider. Choose the course that’s best for you. Upon completion, print the online completion voucher and get registered for a field day (see below). Register for a field day at any time during the course of your study -- seats fill up quickly. If at any time you lose your username and password, contact the online vendor directly – these are third party online companies approved by ODFW. See the list of online providers below.


There is no minimum age to take a course, but children under age 11 often have a difficult time with the material. Younger students may also lack the upper body strength necessary to handle a firearm safely during a field day and control the muzzle during loading and unloading drills.

Online hunter education courses

Course providers are third-party companies - please contact their help desk with login and password questions.


FAST and interactive official hunter education made easy and fun

Get Certified in 3 Steps:
1. Study and pass the $49.95 interactive course.
2. Attend a field day.
3. Go hunting!

Course Features
• Interactive game-style experience on any of your devices.

Hunter - Ed.com

Official State of Oregon online hunter education

Ways to take a Hunter Education class (2)

Get Certified in 3 Steps:
1. Study and pass the $34.95 online course.
2. Attend a field day.
3. Go hunting!

Course Features
• 9.5/10 rating from our students.
• Official state materials across any of your devices. (Including free digital study guide!)Get Certified in 3 Steps:


Immersive Oregon Hunter Education on any device

Ways to take a Hunter Education class (3)

Get Certified in 3 Steps:
1. Study and pass the $29.00 online course.
2. Attend a field day.
3. Go hunting!

Course Features
• Exclusive virtual field day to prepare you for the field!
• Interactive animations, including bow, shotgun, and rifle shooting ranges.
• Fully illustrated, animated, and narrated for all hunting scenarios.

Hunter Ed Course.com

Photo based online hunter education with real world visuals

Ways to take a Hunter Education class (4)

Online Hunter Education at No Cost

Get Certified in 3 Steps:
1. Study and pass the free online course.
2. Attend a field day.
3. Go hunting!

Course Features
• Photo based learning materials to prepare you for real world scenarios.
• Sixth grade reading and comprehension level.


Ways to take a Hunter Education class (5)
  • FREE – To everyone
  • Interactive course design that enhances learning experience
  • Works on phones, tablets and computers

All course descriptions below have been provided by the course providers and do not represent ODFW’s views of the courses. These courses are provided by private vendors and any data that you provide to them is subject only to each company’s privacy commitments. The state’s privacy policy does not protect any information that you may provide to these private vendors.

Field Days

All youth taking an online hunter education course must also complete a field day. Adults working on their certification are encouraged, but not required, to participate in a field day as well. The field day includes a review of course topics, Oregon hunting regulations, ethics, conservation, firearm safety field exercises, a live-fire exercise and a multiple-choice written exam.

Click the list of upcoming field days

  • There is a $10.00 fee for the field day session. You will need to login to the youth’s ODFW account.
  • Field days are taught by volunteer instructors and sometimes may not be available. Click here for a list of upcoming field days. Register early as field days can fill up quickly.
  • Be sure to bring the following forms signed by a guardian (forms will also be available at the event):
    • Student Release Application.
    • Liability Release.
  • There are no refunds or transfers for Hunter Education classes.
  • Parents/Guardians may stay with their student during field day. (Some COVID restrictions may still apply, but these will be listed in the reminder email that will be sent to you the week of the event.

Hunter education field day classes are taught by volunteer instructors. Class availability close to the hunting seasons may be limited. Consider the Mentored Youth Hunter Program if you can’t finish a hunter safety class before hunting season and are between the ages 9 - 15.

After completing your hunter education class, put your new skills to work at an ODFW hunting workshop. Check the Workshops and Events page for upcoming events.

Ways to take a Hunter Education class (2024)


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