Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (2024)

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (1)

Dramatic, Life-Changing Results After 1st Session

Laser Hair Removal That Works

Get the Wow Factor After One Treatment

You’ve got that right! At Satin Med Spa, we’re busting myths about laser hair removal, one smooth skin success story at a time. Done right, with cutting-edge lasers and our expert team, you’ll see a stunning difference immediately after your first session.

Join The Smooth Skin Hair-Freedom Revolution

It’s more than just hair removal; it’s about the freedom and confidence that come with flawlessly smooth skin. We’re passionate about educating you on this transformative solution. Ready for liberation from unwanted hair? Your journey begins with a personalized consultation, where you’ll learn what sets us apart.

Choose The Best Laser Hair Removal Experts

We’re proud to be Charlotte’s first medical spa recognized as offering the best method for hair removal. Come find out why our gentle, powerful approach to laser hair removal is safe, budget-friendly, and comfortable. Start your journey to satin-smooth skin with the experts at Satin Med Spa, where our gentle touch meets powerful results.

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Imagine saying goodbye to Shaving & Waxing for Good

Wave goodbye to the endless cycle of shaving, the sting of razor burns, and the nuisance of ingrown hairs. Waxing’s high cost and discomfort? Consider them history. At Satin Med Spa, we’re all about providing laser hair removal that’s not just effective but also a wise investment in your beauty and skincare routine.

Unraveling the Facts From Fiction - We inform you and answer your Questions without any Pressure

There is so much misinformation and confusion out there about laser hair removal and we’re here to clear the air. Our goal is to educate and inform you about the true benefits of this treatment when done correctly and with the proper laser technology so you will be able to make the best informed decision for yourself. Book a free consultation with us and get the real scoop. Our thousands of happy patients from over a decade of serving the Charlotte, NC area are proof that choosing Satin Med Spa is a game-changer. One treatment in, and you’ll already feel the incredible impact of being free from unwanted hair for good.

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How Does Laser Hair
Removal Work?

The Science of Smooth

Ever wonder how laser hair removal does its magic? It’s all about targeting the hair right where it starts – the root. Our lasers are like precision-guided superstars; they focus light energy right into the hair follicle, taking down each hair while keeping your skin safe and sound. The laser light is a pro at finding the hair’s pigment (that’s melanin for you science buffs), zapping all the way to the root and leaving you with follicles that can’t grow hair anymore.

Quick & Easy Sessions

Who has time for long appointments? With us, you’ll zip in and out in about 15 to 30 minutes. Post-treatment? You’re good to go about your day, no downtime needed. Our treatments fit so neatly into your life, they’re our little secret – unless you want to spread the word about your sleek new look, of course!

Can Laser Hair Removal

Be done anywhere on my body?

Yes to Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Think of a spot, any spot. Chances are, our laser hair removal can treat it. From your face to your toes and everywhere in between, our lasers are safe for all skin types and ready to tackle unwanted hair. With every session, we’re not just zapping away hair; we’re taking down a good chunk of those follicles for good.

Backed with The Satin Smooth Guarantee

At Satin Med Spa, we’ve got this process down to a science, and we’re so confident in our methods that we back them up with our Satin Smooth Guarantee*. Stick with our tried-and-true program, with sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart, and you’ll see new hair growth taking a hit every single time.

See the Difference even after 1st session

Sure, patience is a virtue, but who wants to wait forever? While the full benefits unfold over a series of treatments, you’ll be seeing the difference even after your first treatment. Trust us, it’s the beginning of a beautiful, hair-free relationship.

Request Your Free Consultation Now

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Laser vs. IPL:

The Right Technology for Laser Hair Removal

Spotlight on Superior Technology

Let’s clear the air: when it comes to nixing hair, not all light is created equal. Feeling baffled by all the options? Hang tight; we’ll break it down for you at your consultation. Here’s the scoop: our lasers are the gold standard in the biz. They’re champions at safely and effectively waving goodbye to unwanted hair for every skin type, handing you that silky-smooth feel that’s here to stay.

Laser Technology Wins, Hands Down

No beating around the bush—when you’re weighing laser against Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for hair removal, lasers take the trophy every time. IPL can do wonders for certain facial treatments, but for hair removal? It’s a no-go for the long haul. IPL might have you coming back for more, often with a side of ouch, and results that just don’t make the cut.

Laser: The Path to Permanent Smoothness

Our lasers don’t just skim the surface—they go deep, hitting hair at its root and putting follicles out of business for good. The outcome? Skin that’s as smooth as satin and hair-free for life, no repeats needed.

Request Your Free Consultation

Many People Ask,


When you stack up laser hair removal against other methods over a decade, the savings in time and money become crystal clear. Think about it—no more regular purchases of razors, wax, or creams. No more time-consuming appointments or daily routines.





2-3 Days

3-4 Weeks

Lifetime Permanence
of Hair Reduction:

Lifetime Permanence
of Hair Reduction:

Lifetime Permanence
of Hair Reduction:

7-9 treatments total

100-150 times per year

10-14 treatments per year

Pain Index:

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (6)

Pain Index:
Very Low

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (7)

Pain Index:

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (8)

Total Cost: Year 1

Total Cost: Year 1

Total Cost: Year 1

Total Cost: 10 Years

Total Cost: 10 Years

Total Cost: 10 Years

Total Cost: 20 Years

Total Cost: 20 Years

Total Cost: 20 Years

Total Cost: 30 Years

Total Cost: 30 Years

Total Cost: 30 Years

*All costs and treatment duration times used above are based on the most common hair removal methods for Bikini Brazilian and Underarm areas and using local average price ranges for a variety of razors, shaving creams, salon waxing services and laser hair removal treatments.

Invest in Yourself: The Lasting Value of Laser Hair Removal

Decades of Smooth Without The Time, Money & Hassle

Investing in laser hair removal means you’re choosing the leader for cost-effective, enduring smoothness. It’s the reason why so many have made it their #1 pick for that coveted satin-smooth skin. And the best part? Those results don’t just stick around for a season; they’re yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

Get Big Savings with Laser Hair Removal

When you break it down, choosing laser hair removal is an investment that really pays off. Forget the endless cycle of buying razors, creams, or booking wax appointments. Over time, laser hair removal isn’t just a choice for smooth skin; it’s a smart financial decision.

Flexible Payment Options

At Satin Med Spa, we believe everyone deserves the confidence that comes with satin-smooth skin. That’s why we offer flexible financing options and in-house payment plans designed to fit any budget. We’re here to make laser hair removal accessible for you.

The True Value of Freedom

At Satin Med Spa, we’re confident that once you see the transformative results for yourself, you’ll understand the real value isn’t just in the investment itself. Undeniably, the true value lies in the freedom and confidence you gain through the incredible results of our laser hair removal treatments. Say goodbye to the hassle of unwanted hair and hello to a life of smooth, carefree confidence. It’s an experience that’s truly priceless.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

The Ultimate Solution For All Skin Types

Gone are the days when laser hair removal was a one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to cutting-edge advancements in technology, now anyone can embrace the smooth, hair-free life—regardless of age, gender, or skin type. Yes, that means both men and women, whether you have light or dark skin, and most hair colors, too.

Individually Tailored Just for You

Wondering if you’re the right fit? Let’s figure it out together. During your personalized consultation at Satin Med Spa, we’ll dive into your unique needs and goals. It’s all about crafting a laser hair removal plan that’s as individual as you are, ensuring you get the best results possible.

The Satin Smooth Guarantee:

Confidence in Every Treatment

At Satin Med Spa, we don’t just hope for your satisfaction; we guarantee it with our Satin Smooth Guarantee. Our belief in the effectiveness of our Laser Hair Removal Program is so strong that we’ve crafted a promise to back it up.

Customized Care, Lasting Smoothness

Your journey to perpetual smoothness begins with a personalized package of treatments, designed specifically for your needs. And because we know life happens and your skin evolves, we include annual touch-up treatments for the same areas, ensuring your satisfaction year after year.

Perfected Process, Perfect Results

We’ve fine-tuned every step of the laser hair removal process, confident that you’ll not only see the difference but feel it too. Imagine waking up to effortlessly smooth skin every day, without the constant need for shaving or waxing. That’s not just a dream; it’s our guarantee to you.

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (10)

Satin Med Spa voted Best Hair Removal! Hair no more in 2024! (2024)


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