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The Hunter Group is made up of a 50 strong team of health and safety experts, based at Hunter HQ in Castleford, as well as across sites in the UK and Europe. Find out a little more about us below….

Katie Hunter

Managing Director

The founder of the Hunter Safety Group, who describes the company as her 4th baby. Katie has a real passion for all things health and safety, which shines through every day.

Angelika Postrozny

Finance Director

Affectionately referred to as the terminator, Angelika ensures our finance team is working efficiently and effectively. She is also known as the baby whisperer for any babies visiting our offices.

Kirsty Carroll

Commercial Director

Kirsty looks after compliance across all sites and loves meeting clients, sharing her expertise and establishing health and safety excellence. In her spare time, she enjoys attending live music events and festivals.

Martin Swift

Group Compliance Manager

The one that ensures we follow all the rules. In his own words, compliance is key! With a keen interest in all things interior design and fashion, Martin is certainly the most stylish one in the team.

Heather Madden

Group Operations Support Manager

Heather is responsible for the smooth running of the office environment and planning numerous internal events. In her spare time, Heather plays for a women’s rounders team.

Victoria Lumbreras

Branch Manager

Victoria has Joined as Branch Manager for our Hunter Safety Espana division. She spends her spare time with her family.

Luke Hunt

Operations Manager

An experienced Health and Safety project lead, Luke now project manages our teams across the UK and Europe. Outside of work, Luke spends his time playing football, managing football and watching football.

Eddie Fraser

Operations Manager

An experienced and influential Leader, Eddie is our Operations Manager looking after clients and HSE Experts across the UK & Europe. In his spare time Eddie is a keen golfer and enjoys the outdoors.

Alan Theaker

Senior Health and Safety Consultant

Alan works with both new and existing clients for Hunter Consultancy Services, ensuring excellence at all stages of the project. Alan enjoys a spot of holidaying and jetting off for some sunshine. He also loves keeping fit.

Chris Wilmott

HSE Manager Lead

A Health and Safety Manager working throughout the east coast of Europe who specialises in automatic warehouse construction. A father of two kids who enjoys the outdoors and all sports.

Hollie Caldwell-Cudine

HSE Manager

A key member of our European health and safety team, Hollie provides support on both the solutions and consultancy side of the business. She loves going to the cinema, socialising with friends and a spot of Irish dancing.

Kasia Gorczyca

Operations Compliance Manager

An expert consultant, working on building safety strategies and management systems. Her background is in the manufacturing sector and is now applying her skills in the aviation sector. Kasia likes long walks with her family and playing in the park. She loves to travel and never spends annual leave at home.

Katy Attley

HSE Marketing Coordinator

The one responsible for making sure our graphics look amazing and that we stay on brand. Katy has a love for all things Harry Potter and spends her free time with her family.

Robbie Henery

Commercial Manager

Robbie ensures our relationships with our clients remain strong, identifying opportunities for us to support them and managing our proposals. In his spare time, Robbie enjoys playing golf with his friends and family, (if the weather is nice!), and also loves to try his hand at anything cooking and baking related.

Shane Deakin

Health and Safety Consultant

Shane is an experienced Health and safety consultant who also delivers a wide range of safety training. He has a love for golf and enjoys walking in the hills with his wife Jo and whippet Sparky.

Roxy Hudson

People Coordinator

Roxy is responsible for the coordination of processes across the employee life cycle and ensuring HR compliance across the company. In her spare time, Roxy enjoys all things arts and crafts, attending concerts and spending time with friends and family.

Tim Grant

Health and Safety Consultant

Tim is a Health and Safety Consultant with a background in aviation and the manufacturing sectors. He likes to be with his family, either at home or traveling to new places.

Chelsea Kitchen

Finance Administrator

David Rafferty

Senior Health and Safety Consultant

David has is a Health safety & sustainability consultant who has experience within the food industry. In his spare time David enjoys going to the gym and going on adventures with his son.

Daniel Wall

HSE Manager

Daniel is HSE Support with experience within the manufacturing sector. He spends his spare time holding BBQ's for family and friends and enjoys camping.

Nicole Plumstead

Commercial Administrator

Nicole is an integral part of our commercial team. In Nicole's spare time, she enjoys watching football and going to as many games as possible. She also loves music and all things Beyonce.

Niall Tyzack-Carlin

HSE Support

Niall is our HSE Support with a background in construction. He is fluent in Spanish and in his spare time, he enjoys road cycling and going to the gym.

Dan Witherall

HSE Manager

Dan is an experienced HSE Manager. His favourite part of the job is problem solving. He loves to travel, reader and is a big fan of independent and international films.

Tom Elliott

HSE Manager

Ryan Cyriac

Health and Safety Consultant

Ian Hopwood

Operations Commercial Manager

Ian Hopwood works closely with our Commercial Team to expand our client base and explore new markets and opportunities. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and following football.

Sai Sudevan

HSE Support

Sai our HSE Support has experience within the construction sector. He spends his spare time playing cricket for different clubs and cooking on weekends. He is famous for his Indian Cuisines!

Jessica Kirk

Logistics Coordinator

Stone Kwok

HSE Support

Stone is experienced in building and civil construction safety. He is also an electronic enthusiast and builds electronic toys in his spare time.

Paul Billington

HSE Manager

An experienced Health and Safety Manager and Auditor with experience in CDM Construction. Paul enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, walking and live comedy.

Tony Hiorns

Operations Manager

Tony is an experienced Health and Safety professional who is currently restoring a classic mini - We can't wait to see it!

Amy Hoddell

Finance Coordinator

As one of our Finance Coordinators, Amy engages with many of our suppliers. In her spare time she enjoys watching her son play football and visiting the beach.

Jason North

HSE Support

Jason is part of our HSE Support team and joined us after serving 14 years in the RAF as a Weapons Technician. In his spare time, he is an avid music fan and enjoys music festivals and playing guitar.

Debbie Francis

HSE Manager

Debbie is one of our HSE Managers working across the UK. In her spare time, Debbie loves spending quality time with her family, hiking, and attending live music events.

Chris Whitehouse

HSE Support

Chris is our HSE Support. In Chris' spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and in the outdoors, walking, cycling, and camping.

Chris Studd

HSE Support

Tudor Bragoi

Construction Safety Advisor

Tudor is part of our Health and Safety Construction team working alongside our clients to manage their construction projects. Tudor loves a good book and outdoor exercise.

Annelise Glew

Health and Safety Consultant

Starting out with the HSE, Annelise has a varied background within health & safety, from hotels to the water industry before joining the Hunter team. Annelise enjoys the outdoor life with her family up in the Scottish Highlands and organises the local CaniCross group.

Jayne Wheat

Training Coordinator

Jayne is one of our Training Coordinator and enjoys days out with her family and the dog in her spare time.

Meet The Team | Health & Safety Consultancy, Advice, Management & Support (2024)


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